NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

For years I have searched for the perfect foundation: not too dark, not too yellow and not too heavy. I have a very fair face [with redness] but most of my body is a light tan, in comparison, so I have always had to sacrifice shade. When I have been matched before, the color was always a tad yellow and was the farthest from flattering.

I went into Sephora, explained my problem and sat and talked about what I needed out of my foundation: light/moderate coverage, the ability to hold up to the humid Southern summer and a shade that REALLY matches me. She recommended NARS Sheer Glow Foundation [$45] immediately and brought the shade to match me. She applied the product and I was impressed, it matches perfectly. I was NOT convinced that it would stay put in the heat but took the risk anyway, with a little reassurance from the store employee.

For about two weeks now, I’ve been using this foundation daily without any major complaints. That said, I did notice that with the use of certain [transparent] setting powders it looked as if the foundation darkened by just a touch. Other than that, it  feels nearly natural and has a flawless finish. Would I buy this product again? Absolutely, yes. It is pricey but worth every penny to finally have the perfect foundation for me. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like or need heavy coverage foundations and particularly to my pale friends out there [I’m not even the lightest shade].20160621_145738

For all the folks out there still searching for the ‘one’ foundation, I am sending good vibes. It will happen some day, hopefully soon. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and if you have any foundations that worked better for you, feel free to leave a comment.

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