NYX Mini Haul Part Two

Hiya beauties! I know I said this would be coming out on Wednesday and hopefully it won’t be too much after midnight before it gets posted. Today’s post will be a continuation of the last post NYX Mini Haul. Everything that I have used so far will be reviewed which only leaves out the liners

NYX’s Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken looked pretty muddy online but after reading many reviews, I decided to take a chance. Soft Spoken is a wonderful [universally flattering] mauve-y warm taupe that goes on smoothly with very little issue, save for the massive amount of product that comes on the wand. It lasts for hours on end but I noticed that it started to fade quickly after eating or drinking. Another problem that I have is with reapplication creating pilling. I am trying to find a way to prevent this, besides removing the product altogether and applying to clean lips. Overall, this is the perfect shade and I will be buying again when I run out despite the issues that I have with it.

On to the next lippie, Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Perfect is just that, making my addiction to natural mauve-y shades even harder to fight. I literally cannot find a single thing that I dislike about this lipstick. This product has the perfect level of light shine and just glides on with ease. The lusciously creamy stick is highly pigmented and requires very little product to achieve optimal results.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, I’m sure that you have picked up on the fact that I live in a super humid environment, which calls for a massive amount of sweat as well. As a result of this, I have been searching endlessly for any product to help to keep my makeup from melting off. When I stumbled across Matte Finish Setting Spray I figured that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I used a fair bit of this spray and I must say, it stuck through the humidity pretty well and fights a good fight against the sweat but does falter. All in all, this product works MUCH better than similar products within this price range and a bit worse than higher end brands. It works better than expected and I will definitely keep this product on my mind for future purchases.

Honestly, I bought the Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palette in Je Ne Sais Quoi because it was on sale but I am so glad that I did. There are nine beautiful shades that are great for everything from a natural eye to a more dramatic smoky eye. They have medium-high pigmentation and despite this remains super duper blendable. I do have to pull out a transitional color from my other shadows because I prefer a matte product for that but for me, that is no big deal. I really like this palette and I look forward to trying many other palettes in the future.

The last product is the HD Studio Finishing Powder and it is actually a restock item. I am super happy with this powder and it leaves my face velvet-y smooth. Without intervention from the temperature, this sets my foundation for literally ALL day. My main complaint with this isn’t the quality of the cosmetic itself but rather the container. The slots that release the powder are MUCH too large, which ends up with a significant amount of wasted product. Fingers crossed that NYX fixes this one really soon. I would recommend this to anyone with the warning that a little goes a really long way and if you over use this, it WILL show in flash photography.

Well guys, this pretty much sums up my NYX Mini Haul review. There are only two products that I left off [because I haven’t tried them yet] but I will sneak them into a future post. I had a recommendation of how to properly use the mint HD Studio concealer by TARYN HARRIETT via comment on the previous post. She said “I’ve found with concealer colour corrector I have to buff it into the skin using a blender to even it out then apply a small amount of foundation directly on top of it then buff again. It seems like a lot of work but that’s the only way I’ve figured to not have to use double the amount of foundation! Hope this helps!“. Taryn, I’d like to personally thank you, this tip has saved so much time and so much product. Do any of you have any helpful tips that you’d like to share? Maybe a hack for any of the products in this mini haul? Let me know!

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