My July Ipsy Glam Bag!

Hello beauties, I hope you are doing well! I am so, so sorry that I was unable to post last week but my family was experiencing a bit of a crisis. I will try very hard to post as scheduled from now on. How do you feel about me posting once weekly, would you like to see posts more often? Feel free to comment and let me know, I would always love to hear your opinions! Anyway, on to the topic at hand..

How many of you guys subscribe to the Ipsy Glam bag? For many months now I have been receiving similar products and it is getting a bit redundant for me. As a result, the July glam bag will be the last that a receive and I have decided that I will do a proper review as my good bye. In my July bag [a cute silver bag with pinwheel umbrella like designs] I received Bella Pierre Banana setting powder, ML Cosmetics Felt Tip Eyeliner in Emerald Isle, Make Up Forever Excessive Lash mascara, BeFine food skin care night cream, and Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215 from Luxie Beauty.

Upon arrival, I was super excited to try the banana setting powder from Bella Pierre because I have had a few cosmetics from this brand before and I know they produce quality products. I opened up the little container and lightly dusted some powder on my bare skin and I immediately noticed that it seemed to brighten my skin WHILE reducing the redness present on my face, which is really unexpected because usually it takes a mint concealer to do that. This product did its job and it did it superbly.

With one swipe of the Excessive Lash by Make Up Forever I was hooked. I seriously love this mascara and I am considering knocking They’re Real! by Benefit off its “everyday product” throne.  Excessive Lash coats so well and remains thin while lengthening and it is a huge plus for me, as I have long, thick lashes. On me this product looks like falsies, and I absolutely adore it. I will say that the sample size is extremely disappointing and is about HALF that of normal mascara samples but the quality makes up for it.

When I opened my bag and saw the Small Angle Eye Brush 215 from Luxie Beauty, I was pretty excited. If you guys read my previous post about the cheap makeup brush set, you will remember that the set was pink and this brush can take the place of brushes that I have discarded AND match. Without thinking twice, I grabbed this brush and dipped it in my Ka-Brow from Benefit and was  blown away! Guys, this applicator works better than the one included! In my review of Ka-Brow I stated that I couldn’t find a brush that worked well with the product but now I have! Overall, I love this brush but I have to admit that I haven’t even tried it for anything other than my brows.

Okay, I’m just gonna have to be honest here, I have NOT actually worn the Emerald Isle Felt Tip Eyeliner by ML Cosmetics yet. There has not been an occasion that I felt this liner would be appropriate for yet, but I assure you I will be trying it very soon. However, I can say that I did a few swatches on my hand [without photographing it, of course] and the color pay off was incredible. The felt tip applicator made it super easy to apply with extreme precision. Now to the most impressive [and slightly scary] part, this swatch lasted on my hand ALL day long and I do mean it. It lasted through countless hand washings & through an extensive dish washing session and had to be physically scrubbed off with coconut oil. While this is amazing, I am a bit afraid that this would be too difficult to remove from the delicate eye area. When I get around to trying this, I will post about it or update this post.

Lastly, we have BeFine Food Skin Care Night Cream. On the ‘learn more’ function of it had bold statements like “Natural estrogen works to reduce wrinkles and prevent premature aging” and “Improves circulation in the skin for healthier color and tone”. I didn’t experience either of these things, and that is okay because I literally only tried a sample so it really can’t be expected to work in such a small time frame.  The first time that I applied this night cream I used wayyyy too much product so I feel the need to say A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!  It initially feels kind of oily but once it settles into your skin that goes away. While it does moisturize deeply, there is a slight tacky feeling to the skin, which is a highly undesirable texture to me. Overall, I would not buy this product.

All in all, I would purchase three of these products; the banana powder from Bella Pierre, Excessive Lash by Make Up Forever and Luxie’s small angle eye brush 215. The other two just didn’t quite match my needs at this time but as stated before, I will be trying the eyeliner by ML Cosmetics soon and I will update my opinion afterwards. Do you have any differing opinions on any of these products? What did you get in your glam bag? Fill me in with a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from y’all! Links to all of these products can be found on Ipsy and if I’m not mistaking you can even get a promo code from Ipsy.

Until next time,


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